Sunday, November 15, 2009

Oakmont High School - The Day After

This is not a show I would recommend to anyone, however I think that has more to do with the promoter and the lack of advertising, rather than the location or anything else. I took a few pictures of my booth to share with you! Pretty much everything you see in these pictures is still available for sale! I will be listing it on Etsy and Artfire as time allows. If you'd like to receive an email when I update these sites, just ask!


Yolanda M. said...

I think in general most HS shows suck. I did one HS show once and that was it. Sorry it was not successful. Your work is lovely!

Prairie Primitives said...

I did some very successful school shows when I lived in Indiana. Those were mostly put on by other organizations, though this one was too! Back in Indiana, Tri Kappa (sorority) sponsored tons of shows, and my best school show there was put on by the Carmel-Clay Historical Society.