Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Lodi Street Faire

The Lodi Street Faire is May 3rd, and if you've never been to this humongous street faire, you need to go!! There are at least 5 or 6 blocks of both antiques and crafts, and the cross-streets have a variety of vendors ... sometimes antiques (rarely crafts), and usually lots of "community" booths. There's generally enough food vendors to feed a small army!

The antiques are on School Street, and that's where our booth will be. Once again I'll be sharing a booth with my friend Jennifer (aka CrowJunction). Jennifer usually brings lots of furniture and wooden smalls and of course I bring my primitive folk art. Our booth is usually near the Rocky Mountain Chocolate Factory (yummm!!!), although I think this time we may be closer to the corner. We generally decorate the booth with large vintage flags, so it should be pretty easy to find us!

Lodi is about 45 minutes south of Sacramento on either Highway 99 or the 5. Hope to see you Sunday, May 3rd at the Lodi Street Faire!

Sunday, April 12, 2009

Next Sunday, April 19th, will be my first show of the year! I will be sharing a booth at The 1st Roseville Antique Market with my friend Julia and another lady. Julia makes jewelry with beach glass, vintage buttons, and Swarovski crystals. I'll have my prim bunnies and sheep and teddy bears (oh my!), as well as my new line of cute patchwork bags. Hope you'll stop by to visit with us -- we'll be in booth #38 on Oak Street, near the corner of South Grant. Click on the image for more info about the Antique Market!

Saturday, April 11, 2009

A Whole Lotta Fun!!!

The annual ASG Fabric Sale is an event I look forward to every year! I wanted to share pics of my haul today. I rarely spend more than $25 or $30, and I'm always deliriously happy with what I can get for that amount of money! (You can click on the pics to see the fabric closer-up!)

* 1 yard wool blend ... $1
* 3-1/3 yards raw silk ... $3
* 3-1/2 yards raw silk ... $4
* 1/2 yard cotton print ... 50 cents
* bag of shells for a jewelry-making friend ... $2

* 1-3/4 yards wool blend ... $1
* 2-1/2 yards wool ... $3
* ~2 yards blue homespun patchwork ... $3.50
* 1 yard big black checks ... $2
* 1-1/3 yards cotton "honeycomb" fabric (this was just Too Cool to pass up!) ... $2

* 4-1/4 yards muslin (can one ever have too much muslin ... and it's prewashed too!) ... $3
* 1-1/4 yards trapunto-look white cotton ... $2
* 2 yards linen ... $3

* The Spirit of Christmas (Books 2, 4, 10)
* A Patchworthy Apparel Book

I bought "A Patchworthy Apparel Book" when it was first published in 1981; I think it was Jean Wells' first book. It's such a fun book!

but I can't give the prices on the books 'cuz they will be getting listed for sale either on Etsy or eBay!