Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Meeting the Etsy Admins in San Francisco

Yesterday, I trekked to SF, along with another member of Sac-Etsy, for a meetup event with many of the Etsy top brass (known as "admins"). The get-together was held at the Delancey Street Cafe. If you're not familiar with the Delancey Street Foundation, it's worth reading about on their site!

While we were the only representatives of Sac-Etsy (and the only Etsyians from Sacramento), I met a handful of CCCOE gals, including including Dyanne from 2dy4, Allie from Allie's Adornments, and Tara from Combustion Glassworks. There were a couple other gals sitting with them, but their names escape me at the moment. :-( We also chatted with Hue from (she's just started selling on Etsy, but huesculpture doesn't seem to be the name of her shop), along with her friend Noelle Nakama, who has an Etsy shop bearing her name.

The Etsy admins were represented by Maria Thomas (CEO), Chad Dickerson (CTO), Sara Hicks (VP of Product), Jesse Hertzberg (Director of Business Development), and Carrington Williams (Director of Strategic Finance). Their database guy, who works from home in Marin, was also there; I think he goes by the handle "CB."

The admins talked about what they're working on to improve the site. The most exciting announcement is the ability to rearrange your Etsy shop, which just went into closed beta yesterday! This announcement received a HUGE round of applause!!! When this goes live, we won't have to relist items to get them in a particular order! :-)

The admins handed out a bit of swag, but no ballcaps or t-shirts (which is what I'd been hoping for ... LOL!); just stickers and flyers and bumper stickers. They gave everyone a picture to color, and said this would be the wallpaper in their new office!