Friday, September 19, 2008

Pumpkins from the Prairie Primitives' Pumpkin Patch

Fresh from the pumpkin (or punkin, to some of you) patch, here's the early 2008 crop of Prairie Primitives' Pumpkins! I've made orange pumpkins, white pumpkins, and even green pumpkins this year (I love that shade of green, by the way!). These are just 3 of five or six different shapes and sizes that I make. I've got tall slender pumpkins, short chubby pumpkins, tall thicker pumpkins, and whatever else I can dream up! They're priced in the low to mid 30s, and you can buy them by clicking on the picture -- which should take you to my web site! :-) If you've got your heart set on a pumpkin in a different shape or color, let's talk!

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