Sunday, September 21, 2008

Can You Help a Friend?

Jody is one of my online friends. Due to some chronic medical problems which leave her unable to work, she's in a dire financial situation. She's sold pretty much everything she owns, as well as everything her mother can part with, and now it's come down to this -- she's selling one of her dog's plushies! I've started the bidding and I hope you can help her out.

I can guarantee you that the story IS true! Jody has been on full disability for several years. When I first met her, she worked at Goodwill for $5/hour but, as she writes in the auction description, her health no longer allows her to work -- heck, she can't even drive (some days even walking is a challenge!). And did I mention she's only in her mid-40s?!

Jody gets a small disability payment each month, but it's barely enough to pay for her mortgage and utilities. Her healthcare is covered by Medicare, but she doesn't quite qualify for food stamps; even if she did, she says that the welfare office is on the other side of town so she couldn't get there if she wanted to. Selling on eBay has really helped Jody make ends almost meet for the last few years, but with the economy in the tank, she's having more trouble than most of us making ends meet. Please ... if you can help her out by bidding on this auction ... I hope you will do so! Here's the auction link:

Selling my plush stuffed Ducky to pay bills Bizarre!! - eBay (item 380066276121 end time Sep-28-08 10:16:21 PDT)

Also, if you could share this email/auction link with a few friends and/or dog lovers, I'd sure appreciate it! Jody doesn't know that I'm spreading the word myself. I'd just love to see her innundated with bids for Jayme's ducky!!

Oh, and if you live in or near Youngstown, Ohio and need someone to sell stuff for you on eBay, Jody's your gal! I'm not sure how much she'd charge, but I'm sure it would be reasonable!

Jody has a number of other interesting things listed as well. She likes vintage stuff and has sold everything from vintage panty girdles to artificial legs! She tries hard to list a bunch of things every Sunday, and occasionally she'll list on Thursdays too; it just depends how she's feeling that day.

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