Still Working on the Blog ...

Would you mind leaving me a comment about the following:

(1) whether or not you can see the background on this blog [it's a diamond pattern and there's a cute birdie on the right side and a vintage postcard on the left side]

(2) what size monitor you have

(3) what your screen resolution is (this is on the control panel under the display icon, then click on the settings tab)

The template designer has told me that she can see the background just fine. Her only suggestion was for me to increase the resolution on my monitor. I was reluctant to try this, but I did ... not only did the icons and text get realllllly tiny, even when I had my resolution set at its highest point, I still couldn't see all of the birdie on the right side. Turns out the designer is working on a 22" monitor with a killer video card (meaning she can set her resolution very high). I've put this out for feedback on Twitter and Facebook, and so far everyone who's commented says they can see it like it's intended to be. So I guess it's just me ...

This is what this blog template is supposed to look like:

A friend in Ohio grabbed this screenshot for me; she's the one who helped me troubleshoot the situation. (Thanks Jody!!!)


I see it just like it is supposed to look.

I'm on a MacBook Pro 15"
Screen res is 1440 x 900 (millions of colors)

I've made this background with my 15" laptop, like most of my backgrounds. And I always check them with both monitors.

In 3 column backgrounds the center is so much wider than 2 column backgrounds, but the background has nothing to do with that width, the width is defined in html-code. Background must be designed to fit with width with html-code.

I hope this explained a little bit.

I can see the patterning and birdie just fine! I have a 22" monitor with screen resolution set at 1680 x 1050.

Nope cannot see background.
screen size = 16"
resolution = ? where is the icon/control panel??

Thanks for your help ... and a gorgeous blog template! My geeky friends tell me that you probably have a high-end video card (and I don't), which is why you're able to set the resolution on your computer high enough to see the entire width of the template.

Thanks Donna! I'm glad you can see the background. I'm envious of your 22" monitor -- wish I had room for one that big!!

Nina, thanks for checking, and I'm sorry you can't see the background! Are you using a Mac? (I have no idea how/where to set the resolution on Macs, sorry.)

PP, I am not on a Mac
Windows IE xp I think
Dell station

I can see it! I'm on a MacBook 13"? 15"?. 1280 x 800 millions of colors. Looks right to me.

Nina, to get to the Control Panel, click the start button and you should have link to it right there. Then find the Display icon on the Control Panel and double-click it, then look at the Settings tab. (This is easier than it sounds, trust me!)

Sorry you can't see the purty background. Bummer!

Brie, glad you can see it! Glad to know it works on Macs!