Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Big Whew!

Finally got my blog back to 3 columns. Thanks to Julian at The Beginner's Blogging Guide for detailed directions on how to make this happen!

There's probably more changes to come ... in fact, I know there are! For starters, I need to re-add the Twitter link so y'all can follow me! And I think I've found a background with directions that are not written in Italian (LOL!) so I may be giving it a whirl too! In fact, that's what prompted me to change back to a 3-column format ... that's what the background was designed for. Now I'm just hoping that it won't matter that I've customized the widths of the columns!

Yesterday I listed some of my pink & brown wristlets and bags on eBay. I'm offering FREE SHIPPING on within the U.S. and Canada, just as I do in my Etsy shop!

I've also got a pink & white Double Irish Chain quilt for sale on eBay; it's a cutter, but it's really pretty -- and it's got a BIN price of just $50

But for now, I must run off to my day job ...


Donna said...

I've been thinking about going to a 3-column layout, but I've been too chicken to try! LOL! I'm so scared that I am going to mess is up BIG TIME!

Prairie Primitives said...

Donna, just be sure to save the current HTML so you'll have something to go back to. I just copied and pasted it into Wordpad before I started messing with it. These are the instructions I used to change to the 3-column layout: http://www.thebeginnersbloggingguide.com/2008/05/step-2-converting-blogger-minima.html