Sunday, May 17, 2009

Americana Listings on eBay!

After a fairly disappointing week last week on eBay, I'm back with more goodies ... I hope the shoppers are in the mood for Americana this week!

This Americana Porch Swing Pillow is my favorite new item!!! I love pillows! And if I had a porch swing, I'd definitely want this pillow there with me! The auction is for the cover only -- the pillow is a standard $4 bed pillows, available at your local discount department store! BIN Price $25.00

I made a few of these Americana Stockings a couple of years ago ... this year I decided it was time for more! I've stenciled white stars on a grubby blue painted osnaburg stocking, and I'll be adding a scrap of homespun and a rusty bell to the flag before I send this stocking on its way to its new home! You'll get the Sweet Annie too!! BIN Price $22.00

I've made little hearts from antique quilt for many years, but these grubbied up Primitive Americana Vintage Ticking Hearts are a fairly new item for me. I've tied a scrap of grubby gauze around each one, then pinned on a rusty jingle bell and added a sprig of Sweet Annie! BIN Price $22 for the set of 3 hearts (this includes free shipping!)

I whipped up a few of these Primitive Americana Stick Flags before my last show (the rainy one). This one has a piece of rusty star garland for the hanger! BIN Price $8 (yep, you read that correctly!!)

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