Wednesday, November 26, 2008

20% Chance of Rain

Well, if this is what a 20% chance of rain looks like, I'm not sure I want to see 100%! Winter has definitely arrived in Sacramento! Gotta check the SpareTheAir site to see if I can use the fireplace ... sure hope so! This long weekend is going to be all about sewing ... and hopefully more than a little listing on Etsy!


About Bobbi C. said...

Hi Tana! Glad I found your blog. I wish we'd get some rain, even 20% would be nice. We're in a drought down here in TX. Looks like your shows are doing well for you.

bobbi c.

Prairie Primitives Folkart said...

Hi Bobbi, hope y'all get the rain you need! I just woke up and it sounds like it's raining again. The last four days were lovely though -- went for a walk yesterday wearing a tank top & jeans!

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