Sunday, November 16, 2008

New Listings on Etsy & eBay

It's been a super-busy week, but I've managed to find some time to list things on both Etsy and eBay!

The first few of my eBay auctions will end today -- these are for vintage patterns. BTW, I have more vintage patterns if you're interested, but unless I get more than the one bid I have at the moment, the rest of them will be going on Etsy. Also ending today is an auction for 3 seed bags in wonderful Autumnal shades of brown. The remainder of my current eBay auctions will end tomorrow -- these auctions include 5 ounces of colorful wool roving, small IKEA storage jars, a punch needle piece I did last year ("Harvest Moon"), and a set of primitive candy canes, also done in brown shades (these would look great with the seed bags, by the way!).

I've been listing "destash" items on Etsy, the results of cleaning and rearranging my studio over the past couple of weeks. So far, I've listed metal tins, silver glitter, red Chinese take-out boxes, and an assortment of metallic papers and stickers for altered art or scrapbooking. If these things don't sound like me, that's because they're not -- I received them in a "surprise box" where I only had to pay shipping. And if the person I acquired these from sees this, never fear, you included several things that I am keeping! :-) I also have some primitive destash items to list soon too! Off the top of my head, I remember some faux wired grapevine and a couple of small beeskeps ... but there's lots more!

If you're wondering why I took time during my busy season to rearrange my studio, it's because I found the PERFECT work table, a great old antique table that's actually big enough so I can get some serious work done! (I'll post pictures soon, once the studio is "finished"!) For the last 2.5 years, I've been using an antique sewing table -- the folding kind -- and if you're familiar with this type of table, you know just how small they are! They're also not very high, which meant that I had to put my sewing machine atop a small crate to bring it up to a usable height. Of course this wasn't terribly conducive to doing serious sewing! My new work table is just the right height (as Goldilocks would say!), and I've already spent more time sewing in the last week than I have in the last six months!

OK, enough blogging for now, I need to get some breakkie and then list a few more things on Etsy!!

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