Tuesday, December 2, 2008

With Luck Like This ...

Sunday evening, I burnt the hell out of my lower lip. Co-workers think it's a cold sore. It's not. I know exactly when it happened -- and the blister came and went before I even began to feel the pain. Ouch. (Sorry, there won't be any pictures of this!)

Monday afternoon, I came home from work -- ready to do some serious "Cyber Monday" shopping -- only to discover the red light blinking on the DSL modem. There wasn't a dial tone on the phone either. This didn't look good. I reset the modem, rebooted the computer, even unplugged both phones while the modem was shut off (can you feel my desperation?!). But nothing helped. So I went to the manager's office to borrow a phone to call AT&T, who allowed themselves 26 hours from the time of my call to repair the problem!

Tuesday morning, I discovered a huge bolt in one of my truck's tires. WTF? Ran into a neighbor as I was headed back to my apartment to use the phone without a dial tone to call my boss to tell her I'd be late for work. I asked him if he knew how to change a tire. He did ... and he did (and he even let me use his cell phone to call my boss!). He wouldn't take any $$, but mentioned that he's got 4 kiddos, so I'll take them a plate of holiday goodies!

Tuesday afternoon, I tried THREE places before I could get the tire repaired. Midas was full to over-flowing with customers. Firestone claimed the tire wasn't repairable, but wanted to sell me a new $100 replacement tire (they offered me no choice of tires, just said that it would cost $100 plus the cost of the valve stem, mounting, balancing ... I said "No thanks!"). Then I remembered the tires, which are about 5 years old, were from Les Schwab and their purchase included a road hazard warranty. YAY!!! The closest Schwab store was about 2 miles away, where I was met by a nice young service writer fellow in the parking lot even before I had the ignition shut off. "That's correct, ma'am; there's no charge for repairs when it's our tires!" WOW!!

Tuesday afternoon, part II, after getting the tire fixed, I got home and peeked around the corner of the bedroom door to see if that obnoxious red light was still blinking on the modem. It wasn't!! I gingerly picked up the phone receiver and OMG ... a dial tone!!! And here I am ...

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craftingaplenty said...

Girl, you really had a few days! Thank God for the neighbor and the tire store. Glad At@t finally arrived. Nice to have you back. loretta