Thursday, October 14, 2010

Interview with Sacramento Bee!

Woooo hoooo!!! I was just contacted by a reporter for the local paper, The Sacramento Bee. The reporter had seen a comment I made about an article about Etsy which was published in another of their papers and she visited my Etsy shop and emailed me!

I'm not real fond of being put on the spot, so I gave it my best shot. She asked how long I'd had an Etsy shop and if I sold at craft fairs or other places. She also asked if I had another job and I told her I was looking for one, having been laid off by Sac County; I even told her she could include that! :-) I also mentioned the Sac Etsy Team and that the Team will have a a presence at the Midtown Bazaar on October 30th.

She asked for a few pictures of my work, so I sent her the pictures I've included in this post. Can't wait to see the published article!!!

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