Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Valentina Primitive Bunny Needs A Forever Home!

Look what I found hopping around in my studio! It was challenging to catch her -- let alone make her sit still for the photos -- but I finally managed to do just that! Let me introduce you to Valentina, my primitive sweetheart bunny.

I've painted & grubbied her up to a perfect shade of Black Hare. Her nose and paws (hands) are needle-sculpted, I've embroidered her eyes and mouth, and she's got sisal whiskers. Valentina's ears are wired so they're poseable. I've made her jacket from red and white polkadot fabric, and she's wearing red and ticking pants; her clothing is stained with coffee and vanilla. I've added rusty bells to her clothes to make her absolutely primadorable!

I had a lot of fun making Valentina's badge! It's made from osnaburg that I've stamped, wool, tinsel, mica, glass glitter, some of my favorite ribbons, and antique mother of pearl buttons. I've hand sewn a pinback to the badge, so you can wear it or present it to your sweetheart (you can also remove it to make her more of a year-round bunny, if desired)!

Seated, with her ears bent as shown in the photos, Valentina is about 18" tall. Standing up, with her ears stretched out, she's about 33" tall. Valentina is intended to be a collectible doll, and was made in my smoke-free studio from a Tennessee Ridge pattern; Alicia Tové, the goldfish who keeps me company while I sew, splashes hello!

Valentina whispered to me while I was typing this that if she doesn't find a new home, she'll be happy to stay here with me ... and if you want her to be "Valentino" instead, she says that's alright too.

Valentina is available for adoption in my Etsy shop.

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