Monday, August 25, 2008

Come See Me!

On Labor Day, I will be showing my primitive folk art at the Antiques & Art Fair in Danville, CA. Danville is in the "East Bay" area, near Walnut Creek & Pleasanton. The show will be at 125 Railroad Ave. I will be bringing lots of my primitive pumpkins (not sure if I'll have any of the Pumpkin People just yet), some Halloween dolls, wonderful primitive strawberries & bumblebees, at least one ladybug and all 3 of my shabby chic backpacks! In the "antiques department," I will be bringing several large pieces of cutter quilts (the ones currently listed on Etsy!) and, as usual, I'll probably find a few other things to bring as well! This event officially starts at 9am, but since admission is free, you're welcome to arrive earlier ... I'll probably get there about 6:30am (which, ummm, means I will need to leave Sacramento by 5am!!).

If you're traveling from any distance for this show, downtown Pleasanton is about 15 miles south of Danville, and has a bunch of neat shoppes that you'd also enjoy exploring (American Harvest is my favorite, and this is where Nicol Sayre first sold her wonderful dolls!). There's a quilt shop in Walnut Creek, Thimble Creek, that always has a great selection of fabric and patterns. Oh, and I can't forget Quail Country, which is one of only two really primitive antique shops that I know of in Northern California!

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