Wednesday, June 18, 2008

I can't believe I did it ...

Last Friday when I got home from work, I got a little crazy sorting through stuff around here and, before I knew it, I had a big pile of stuff that was "too good to donate" but not nasty enough to throw out. So I decided to give eBay One More Try. I know ... I said I wouldn't go back there after their policy (fee) changes earlier this year, but it still seems to be doing better for me than Etsy. Sigh. You can view my Ebay listings here.

First to go were some craft & primitive doll patterns -- some I've used and some of the others I never got around to using. They all have bids now, yay! (And the pattern auctions end TODAY!!). Then I moved on to last year's leftovers. I'd taken all of last year's Halloween leftovers to a show a couple weeks ago, but only sold a couple pieces. Don't know if it was the economy or that the shoppers just couldn't think about Halloween in the middle of June. Anyway ... that means there's more to choose from on eBay ... such as this doll! And in the craft supply department, I listed a very large gourd and some paper mache boxes and some fabric (there's LOTS more fabric where this came from ... but this has to sell first!!).

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ankur said...

hmmm atleast you took some action .