Wednesday, June 18, 2008

And if that wasn't enough ...

On Sunday afternoon, after I'd listed more than 30 auctions, I decided to get busy sewing! I have no idea where this burst of energy came from, but I'm not complaining!!! :-)

I sorted through many of my quilts, making piles of quilts, quilt tops, blankets, and other vintage textiles. I also found a couple of quilts mixed in with my cutters that I do not want to cut -- so they got put in the stepback cupboard for display!

My Winter/Christmas patterns had already migrated to the living room floor a few days earlier, so I went through them and decided on one to make. My first two Santas of the year are from an old Crow and Weasel pattern that I last made in 2000. Back then I was still using more homespun than vintage textiles, but this time the guys will have antique quilt (or quilt top) coats and vintage ticking pants ... and they're looking very primitive indeed!! I still need to make their boots & mittens, but I should get that done today ... and maybe I'll just go ahead and put them up on my web site ... whatcha think?

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