Saturday, February 23, 2008


Occasionally, I will hear someone say that they got so involved in what they were doing that they missed a meal. I should be so lucky! Generally, it seems like I flit from one thing to the next. Maybe I have ADD (ADHD)? Earlier today, I found myself in the midst of a little cleaning blitz (more like straightening up); it just hit me out of the blue. Of course I was delighted, but it only lasted maybe 30 minutes and then, as often happens, I came back to the computer (in the other room) to look something up and got lost wandering the web and playing games.

I've been working on one craft project for more than a few weeks now. Some days I'm lucky if I even look at it; other days I may spend 30 minutes on it. It's not a difficult project, but it did have some very tiny pieces in the early stages and I was rather frustrated trying to work with them. But that's all behind me now and I could finish this in probably an hour ... if only I'd do it.

So my question is: How do you get motivated ... and more importantly, how do you stay motivated?


maryhanks said...

I suffer from the same dis-order. i like to do too many things and have more unfinished projects than I can count!!! The computer gets in my way a-lot!!! Sometimes it helps if I only allow for certain times/amounts of time to do computer stuff. Right now my motivation? A daughter who's getting married in the fall --a son who just got married in Dec. --- so $$$ are keeping me busy. Unfortunately ETSY doesn't really pay my bills!

Carey Lynn said...

Be a seeker---that's what I do. I'm attracted by many things, but I can focus and feel accomplished by being on a continuous quest for fulfillment! Sounds corny, works great.