Sunday, June 30, 2013

Fall Shows & Current Work

This past week I applied to the "Holiday Art & Craft Festival" sponsored by the Crocker Art Museum. I'm every bit as nervous about this show as I was about the Art Fiesta in June; I won't know for sure whether I've been accepted for this show until the notification date in mid-August, so your finger-crossing is most welcome!

These shows are among what I consider the top three Sacramento-area juried art fairs. The third show is the "Sacramento Art Festival" which is held at the Convention Center downtown in early November; this is a very expensive show to do ($560 for a small booth in 2013), so it's not likely that you'll ever see me at this show. But maybe after I see how much commission I have to pay at the Crocker show (they request 15% commission in addition to the booth fee), it's possible I could change my mind. LOL!

I still have quite a bit of Americana in my Etsy shop. As a special treat for my blog readers, you can use Americana10 to get 10% off anything in my shop through July 13, 2013. It's all included, not just Americana, however you do need to spend at least $25 to activate the discount.

I've begun working on Autumn items and will continue with that through July and possibly into August before starting work on Winter and Christmas things. I will probably start listing my Autumn items around mid-July.


Prairie Primitives Folk Art said...

My application for the Crocker show was rejected. :-( Hoping I'm accepted for the Maidu Center show; should know about that one by mid-September

Prairie Primitives Folk Art said...

It doesn't look promising for me to do the Maidu show. Despite my checking the box on their application which said "Indoor ONLY," they assigned me an outdoor booth space. I asked to be placed on a waiting list for an indoor space and, after playing several rounds of phone tag with the lady who's organizing this show, I guess I'm on that list. Thank goodness this show didn't require me to pay the booth fee when I applied, so I'm not out any money!