Friday, November 18, 2011

Harvest Festival - Sacramento

I have a feeling y'all are probably anxious to see what I bought with my Harvest Bucks ... right? I walked the whole show, making mental notes as I went about booths I wanted to go back to. I ended up buying from two almost local artists, one lady is from Modesto and the other is from Red Bluff.

The crow pottery was made by Charlotte Certain whose business name is "Crooked Finger Pottery." I couldn't find her on Facebook, Etsy, or Google! She lives in Red Bluff, if you're trying to track her down. I love the crows! The berry bowl (there's a separate saucer underneath it) is for a friend's birthday/holiday gift, so if you're reading this, Jennifer, you'll get it in a couple of weeks! :-)

The "California" bracelet is from Grouse And Badger; they do have a shop on Etsy, but readily admitted they don't list everything they make there. The bracelet is made from a vintage California license plate!

And I still have $15 in Harvest Bucks left, so I'll be going back to the Harvest Festival on Sunday!

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Prairie Primitives Folk Art said...

I went back to the Harvest Festival on Sunday. Used my last $15 of Harvest Bucks in the crow pottery booth. She was pretty much sold out of crow stuff, but I found an oval platter I liked. Had to fork over a few dollars cash, but it was well worth it!