Monday, August 3, 2009

California Chit Chat Girls of Etsy

My favorite Etsy forum is the weekly one featuring the California Chit Chat Girls. The only requirement to chat in this particular forum is that you live in California! You don't even have to be a girl (but we all are, or ummm ... claim to be!).

(I'll try to get an image of the Treasury in here, but Blogger isn't cooperating at the moment ... grrrr!!!)

Yoli, the Mistress of this particular forum, has compiled a Treasury and she was kind enough to include my blue ditty bag! If you're registered on Etsy, log in and then you can vote by clicking on your favorite items in the Treasury. You have 12 votes per Treasury and can use them all on one item, one on each item, or any combination you choose! Of course I would be delighted if you saw fit to vote for my ditty bag ... early and often as they say! :-)

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