Sunday, July 26, 2009

Ditty Bags & Covered Boxes on eBay

Guess I should have posted about my covered boxes & ditty bags earlier in the week ... but now that I'm now working full-time (YAY!), finding time to blog is lower on my to-do list than it should be!

I've been wanting to make covered boxes for awhile now (like a couple of years), but I never took the time to try! So last month before the Los Altos show, I decided to see what I could come up with.

This is my favorite set of covered boxes so far -- I love the mismatched fabrics! They're currently listed on eBay, and will end around 6:30pm PST today.

I have a few other sets of boxes listed with other fabrics -- this set of blue boxes is my 2nd most favorite!

I've included a little surprise inside each box, but you'll have to look at the auctions to see what you'll get!

I've also been making ditty bags lately, mostly at the request of a friend in Tennessee. Denise has been nagging me to make them for years but I've been sooooo busy making primitive dolls. So I finished up a few ditty bags last weekend and listed them too! I like them all (a lot!), but if I had to choose, this one is my current favorite! The ditty bag auctions will end before the covered boxes -- starting a wee bit before 4pm PST today.

The ditty bags also have a lovely surprise inside, but (you guessed it!), you'll need to look at the auction to see what that is!

I'm offering FREE SHIPPING on the ditty bag auctions!!

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