Friday, May 29, 2015

Big Decision Time!

I got a rent increase notice this week. They're raising my rent by $75/month as of August 1st. I have until June 20th to let the management know if I'm staying here, otherwise they will charge me the month-to-month rate which is $100 more than the new rent! I have lived in this apartment for 5 years. I am quiet and, if I do say so, I think I would be considered a good tenant. But I'm not sure this apartment is worth $910/month, at least in its current condition. There are two major problems with this apartment: a diesel fuel odor that nobody can identify and the ancient carpet. Both of these issues would need to be addressed and resolved if I am to stay here.

The "big decision" from the title of this blog mostly pertains to whether it's time for me to bail on California. If I stay here another year, am I just putting off the inevitable? Will there come a time that I absolutely can't afford to live here? It feels like that time may have arrived this week.

I have a friend in East Tennessee who has a small apartment building. She will have a vacancy as of September 1st, and says the apartment is mine if I want it. It's about the same size as my current apartment, but I am sure it is taken care of MUCH better! Oh, and the rent is less than half of what I'm currently paying. It's really hard to think that I could be paying $460/month rent! But I've never even set foot in Tennessee. Everyone I know who has an opinion about East Tennessee says it's beautiful. While that would be nice, I'd be moving primarily for the cheap rent! My Tennessee friend was an antiques dealer for many years and has said that we'd do shows together if I move out there. I also have a friend in the Dayton, Ohio area who would like someone to do shows with too. I have done craft fairs (aka "shows") all my life, mostly alone, so I don't need someone to do shows with, but the prospect of being able to show my primitive folk art at antiques shows, even if it were just a few things in my friend's booth, is very appealing. Over the years I have learned that shoppers who collect antiques are some of my best customers.

Then, to throw a monkey wrench into my already confused state, yesterday I was contacted by an employment agency recruiter about a year-long temp assignment in this area. The pay isn't fantastic, but it would be a job and I could then look for a new apartment (which I really can't do locally since I don't have a regular income). Today I decided I would check in with a few temp staffing agencies that I registered with many years ago. I check in with a handful of agencies on a regular basis, but there are other agencies which rarely, if ever, placed me after I registered with them and I mostly forgot about them. So I'm trying to track some of them down. The agency I contacted this morning is very excited about my law firm experience and may have an opportunity for me. This sounds like it would be a direct-hire position and the pay would be considerably better!

Thanks for reading, and if you have any input or suggestions for me, please leave a comment. Thanks!